Our Specialties

  • Artisan Cod Pancakes

  • Artisan Cauliflower Pancakes

  • Artisan Asparagus Crackers

  • Artisan Shrimp Pancakes

  • Artisans Croquettes of ¨Puchero¨

  • Artisan Mushroom Croquettes

  • Artisan Croquettes Of Goat Cheese With Raisins And Nuts

  • Roquefort Crackers With Almonds

  • Artisan Hake Pavia

  • Stuffed Squid Of Meat And Vegetables

  • Chicken Crackers

  • Crispy Chicken Donuts

  • Crispy Chicken Covered With Cereals

  • Philadelphia Cheeses Stuffed Breast

  • Chicken Kebab Sliced

Artisan Cod Pancakes

It is a traditional product of Spanish cuisine, where it only contains high quality raw materials as its main ingredient: Cod “GadusMorhua”. Our Tortillitas respect the original lines of our grandmothers, and, you will always discover in them, the authentic taste of the home made.

At Malacitana Gourmet we are proud of the legacy of doing the right things, of the responsibility of the job well done, and of the nerves of observing the face of our clients and waiting for their verdict when they give the first bite, we have the emotion and the pride That say “How rich!”

Others specialties of Pancakes are the green asparagus or wild asapragues originating in the Mediterranean zone, Cauliflower pancakes, and the shrimp pancakes which respects the traditional Andalusian recipe.

Tortillitas artesanas de bacalao


Tortillitas artesanas de camarón

Tortillitas artesanas de coliflor


Our croquettes are the croquettes of all the life, and only they contain raw materials of high quality and we do them with this is affection of the good croquettes forever. The base and common element of a good croquettes béchamel. That’s why we make them with fresh milk and butter and flour of the highest quality. The rest of the ingredients you will discover in every bite. We have no secrets with you.

Our specialties are:

  • Artisan Croquettes of Goat Cheese with Raisins and Nuts

  • Roquefort artisan croquettes with almonds

  • Artisan Croquettes of Mushrooms

  • Artisan Croquettes of  ¨ Puchero¨

Croquetas artesanas de queso de cabra con pasas y nueces

Croquetas artesanas de roquefort con almedras

Croquetas artesanas de setas

Croquetas artesanas de puchero

Hake Pavia

Typical dish of the Andalusian cuisine, whose traditional recipes come from the 19th century. There recipe contains as main ingredient, hake, which is a white fish with a low fat and caloric content. Dish that can be served as a tapa, as is done in the Andalusian restaurant.

Pavía de merluza artesana

Stuffed Squid

It is a traditional dish of the Spanish cuisine that has many years, not to say centuries, giving flavor and color to our tables, but that is not an exclusive dish of the Spanish gastronomy.

The origin of this dish is lost in history, some say it is of Italian, Basque, or even Galician origin. In Italy, it is considered as one of the great star dishes of Venetian cuisine. Here in Spain they are eaten anywhere in our geography. From Malacitana Gourmet we try to recover the original recipe of our grandmothers and, that you can remember those familiar meals.

Calamar relleno de carne y verdura

Chrispy Chicken Cracked

Try our exquisite chicken lagrimita (cut chicken breast in the form of strips or tears), crisp and tasty with its exquisite touch lemon flavor, ideal for any occasion and that can be accompanied with all kinds of sauce or salad.

Lagrimitas de pollo artesanas


Tenderd and juicy chicken breast made in cereals that give it a crushing and tasty  with an original shape form ideal for children.

Donuts de pollo crujiente

Cryspy Chicken Crushing

Delicious chicken breast spreaded in cruising oats which give it a a higher crispy taste.

Crujiente de pollo cubierto de cereales

Chicken Breast Filled With Philadelphia

Exquisite and tendered chicken breast filled with a soft, lightly spicy cheese.

Pechuga empanada rellena de queso Philadephia

Sliced Chicken Kebab

Our chicken kebab is made with fresh national chicken keeping the same line of homogeneity in texture, color and taste. Try our sliced chicken kebab, because its taste will not leave you indifferent.

Kebab de pollo nacional loncheado